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Mrs. Esterline's Class at Holly Springs Elementary

Mrs. Esterline's Philosophy of Education

I believe that education is a lifetime of teachable moments facilitated by: students, teachers, parents, community and environment. First and foremost my role as a teacher is to encourage, inspire and find the uniqueness in each child in order to cultivate passionate learners. I want my students to have a joy for learning, an excitement to discover. As each year begins, my first priority is to understand each of my students, not only their academic needs, but their passions, struggles and fears. I believe that if I understand the whole child, I can better tailor the learning for my students. Each of my students has had different life experiences. Their unique backgrounds are the foundation for the understanding and questions they will have about the world around them. The jumping off point to which I will travel with them.

My pedagogy changes constantly as I strive to impact the learning of my ever changing students. I teach to the different multiple intelligences found in each of my classrooms. I structure meaningful learning experiences that are enhanced by their multiple intelligences to reach all students. I agree with Vygotsky’s theory that children first learn through play. I desire to create an environment for my students where they can explore and discover through hands on and real-life activities. I take the opportunity to incorporate different technologies into my classroom to insure that my students will be successful in the 21st century. I promote student leaders throughout each day where students can share, lead and feel confident.

I believe that I have a responsibility to model good citizenship and a passion for questioning and learning for my students. I am a role model through my actions and my words for my students. I demonstrate honesty, encouragement and respect during our daily instructions. I convey to my students their value by preparing organized lessons that will enhance their learning. I know that a safe and organize classroom will allow my students to feel secure in their environment and when they are secure and confident they will take risks and explore their thoughts and questions.

I believe that learning must be valuable in ordered to be valued. I believe that policy and curriculum is merely the framework to education. I spend time creating lesson plans and activities to stimulate the learning experience, but I recognize that learning can not just be a written plan. Rather I believe the best teaching stems from reaction. How I react to a student’s question and develop that teachable moment. I believe that all students have the ability to learn and students should be given the opportunity to develop to their own capacity of learning. I believe that it is my job to teach children how to become responsible for their own learning; to question, explore and reason. When a child learns to seek knowledge, the world becomes their teacher. I celebrate individual achievement and differentiate instruction to establish skills for the next generation to achieve. I hold each student accountable for doing their personal best.

My students are the reason that I do what I do. I wake up each morning and I’m excited about what I’m going to bring to my students, how I am going to make the most of our day. I spend time each day sharing in their learning and helping to guide them to become thoughtful questioners. I go to sleep at night thinking about the questions they have asked and what activities I can share with them to answer, promote and explore those inquiries. I take classes, research new practices and search teaching websites…I better myself so I can better my students. I know the skills and lessons learned in Kindergarten will become part of each of my students as they grow and become leaders and teachers not just of our classroom, but in our world. I know that my students leave me empowered to recognize their own value, able to stimulate their interest, to question and equipped with the tools to discover answers. The best part…next year I get to do it all again.