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Mrs. Esterline's Class at Holly Springs Elementary

Behavior Plan

Four years ago HSES adopted the “S.P.O.T.S.” management plan for our school. “SPOTS” stands for: S (safety first), P (polite), O (own my actions), T (think about what’s right), and S (success is sure to follow).

During the first day of school we will be talking about what “SPOTS” should look like in our classroom. We will be making a “My Job, Your Job” chart, listing the actions/behaviors that will make our classroom a great place to learn.

We will also take extra time during the first few weeks of school to chart a "Daily Behavior" record. Your child and I will conference each day before they head home to discuss their day's behavior. This calendar will be sent home nightly for you to discuss with your child. Please remember to praise the positive, and discuss solutions for possible problems.

Please be aware that many students will explore their boundaries at the start of the year. This is the most important time to show a consistent/united front.

Working together: student, parent, teacher; will assure the best success and learning experience for each child.

I base many of my practices on William Glasser's Reality Therapy. To learn more about this theory visit click on "The Glasser Approach" and then "Reality Therapy."